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This page contains all the resources you will need to register your player and pay your monthly club dues for each year you participate with the club. We are pleased to be utilizing BYGA, which is a newly designed comprehensive registration, team and player management program.  All members in the club will have access and use BYGA throughout the season when making monthly payments.

2023-2024 Season

Every club member will need to create an account and register online through BYGA.  

U9 to U14 teams (2015 to 2010 birth year) — Player registration must be completed by June 1, 2023

U15 to U19 teams (2009 to 06/05 birth years)— Player registration must be completed by June 15, 2023

There is an initial deposit due upon your initial registration. During initial registration, you may choose a payment plan. First monthly payment is due July 15, 2023. You will then make monthly payments each month thereafter in accordance with the club approved payment schedule. 

2024-25 Club Dues (all annual fees)

ECNL/Girls Academy: $3,995.00

NPL: $3,495.00

Pre ECNL/Pre GA | U12: $2,995.00

Norcal Premier 11v11 | U13-U19: $2,995.00

Norcal Premier 11v11 | U13-U19 (White teams): $2,895.00

NorCal Premier 9v9 - Blue teams | U11-12: $2,795.00

NorCal Premier 9v9 - Orange/white teams | U11-12: $2,595.00

NorCal Premier 7v7 - Blue teams | U9-10: $2,395.00

NorCal Premier 7v7 - Orange/white teams | U9-10: $2,295.00

NorCal Premier 7v7 | U8: $2,195.00

SFYS Competitive Upper House U8-10: $1,895.00

Tournaments, showcases, and travel expenses are not included in annual dues.

2024-25 Membership and Participation Agreement

This is a binding agreement that must be signed in order to participate in our program.  You will sign this agreement electronically as part of your BYGA registration.


Once registration is completed, your player and SF Elite are obligated to each other through the 2024-2025 season unless the player requests a release.  This includes being responsible for all year-long club fees or agreed upon Financial Aid level no matter what the level of participation due to injury, acts of God outside of SF Elite's control, or family/player's choice to not continue participating with SF Elite. Failure to complete full payment may result in legal action.  Any player that requests a release may forfeit any fees paid to the club previously.

Payments and Refunds:

non-refundable deposit due within 24 hours of offer letter.

2nd payment due July 15th, 2024.​

  • Payment non-refundable.

3rd Payment due August 15th, 2024.​

  • Payment non-refundable


If any payment is late, the account will incur a late fee of $75 per month and player could be denied opportunity to participate in any or all team activities.

San Francisco Residency Requirement:

Please note that each SFEA team must meet a San Francisco residency requirement that states 90% of a team’s roster is made up of SF residents. Failure to meet this requirement may result in additional fees for training and/or game fields. 


SFEA is a  501c3 non-profit organization (# 35-2523738). We provide a pathway for the city’s youth soccer population to develop into NCAA student athletes and provide equal access no matter which youth club/soccer program you come from or your ability to pay.  



We have need-based scholarships that are awarded through an application process, and annually grant well over $100,000 in financial aid. Please request a Scholarship Application from our Office Manger, and then complete and return it with your last year's tax returns. We will make an aid decision within two weeks and SFEA adhere's to the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department's guidelines on calculating need and award (as outlined below). Please understand that you will need to apply for a scholarship each year.

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department's Scholarship Guidelines
50% scholarship will be provided to ANY player where the Applicant’s household income is equal to or less than 250% of the current federal poverty level, as determined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Federal Poverty Guidelines. The current levels are:

  • Family of 2: $38,100

  • Family of 3: $51,050

  • Family of 4: $61,500

  • Add $ 10,450 for each additional family member

100% scholarship will be offered to up to 2 team members that meet the above standard and also participate in any 2 of the following:
Medi-cal – provide current Notice of Action letter

  • CalWORKS – provide current Notice of Action letter

  • Food Stamp – provide current Notice of Action letter

  • Public Housing Authority – provide rent receipt

Playing Time Policy:
Playing time requirements varies at each program. Below is a guideline for each program.

Recreational- 50% min
SF Competitive- 40% min
Travel Competitive (silver/bronze)- 40% min*
Travel Competitive (NPL/GA/MLS Next/Other)- 25% min*

*Playing time can be affected by practice attendance.

Guest Playing Policy:

This policy provides the necessary structure for the provision of allowing guest players to play on/with existing SF Elite teams.

General Recitals

SF Elite teams are formed under the concept that there are sufficient players selected to avoid the need to utilize guest players.

SF Elite recognizes that there are circumstances that necessitate the need for a team to use guest players. In these circumstances, the coach will balance making sure primary players get the game time commensurate with their ability, fitness, and commitment; and making sure the guest players can appropriately support the team while also managing development.


SF Elite leadership reserves the right to add guest players when it is deemed necessary.

SF Elite recognizes that an appropriate policy is needed to guide the decision-making process surrounding guest playing decisions.

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