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SF Elite Beyond The Pitch: The Garcia Twins | 2007

This article was written by PrepSoccer staff writer, Matt Smith. Matt Smith is a special news and communications correspondent with SF Elite Academy and will providing viewers with an inside look into SF Elite and what makes our club so special.

They might be twins and play on the same 2007 Boys Orange team for San Francisco Elite, but they are not the same person or player. They both support Barcelona, with Francisco's favorite player Xavi and Aaron's favorite, Lionel Messi. Still, they don't like being compared to one another, as you would expect and understand. Aaron Garcia is a holding midfielder who also plays central defense. At the same time, his twin brother Francisco Garcia is a central midfielder or attacking midfielder. Aaron attends Wallenberg High School, while Francisco attends Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. Francisco, the more competitive of the two, likes to at least measure where his development is at compared to Aaron.

"I am very competitive," Francisco said. "Especially when having a twin, we always want to figure out which twin is better. The thing I love most about the game is the competitiveness. It is brought out in every soccer match you see or play." The brothers started playing around with a soccer ball at age three and playing organized soccer at age five. They found San Francisco Elite in sixth grade and made the 07 DA Blue team. They are glad to have found the club because of their college connections. "I am happy here," Aaron said. "I like how they have college connections and they have us train at some college facilities." Aaron's goal is to play at USF, while Francisco also wants to play in college. "I am honestly glad they can find a college for us to play at," Francisco said. "That's one of the reasons why I joined the club." As mentioned, the two are different kinds of players. Aaron, who prefers to play the No. 6 spot, likes to play there because it gives him a chance to distribute and have a bird's eye view when building out of the back. "I like to be aggressive when I am on and off the ball," Aaron said. "I motivate my teammates when we are down. I always run to win the ball and help build out of the back." When asked how others would see him, Aaron said, "I would say that people see me as a passionate player, someone who is hardworking and wants to prove to others what he is capable of. Someone who sees the ball and wins it like it's the last ball he touches. One who strengthens his team with his attitude, appreciating his teammates when they win the ball." Francisco, however, had a different idea of how others saw him. "Probably; I am a well-balanced and coordinated player able to control the pace and execute passes."

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