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  At San Francisco Elite Soccer Club (SF Elite), building better people is a primary key to achieving our mission of creating opportunity for all. Featuring a coaching staff with NCAA pedigree, first-class facilities across the city, and a life-changing financial aid program, our club is composed of all the necessary elements to create an environment where each player can reach their potential on the pitch, in the classroom, and in life itself. 

With the right combination of resources and guidance, SF Elite can help its players become more skilled and knowledgeable about the game while also providing the opportunity to learn vital life skills that carry them beyond the final whistle. 

Investing in our club’s future is an investment into a player’s future, allowing individuals to develop and grow within a community while also allowing their dreams of success on the soccer field to come to fruition.


San Francisco Elite Soccer Club was founded as a developmental pathway designed to help student-athletes between the ages of 11-18 reach the potential of the “next level.” 

  Whether that meant playing at the collegiate level, pre-professional level, or professional level – SF Elite wanted to create opportunities for players that had dreams of achieving more, all the while allowing them to achieve this in a conducive and cost-effective environment that limits outside burdens associated with playing top-tier competitive soccer. This had never been attempted in San Francisco before. 

  Over the past three decades, elite student-athlete talents in San Francisco have been at a significant disadvantage due to the absence of grassroots, player-centric soccer programs within the city limits. As a result, the top youth student-athletes in San Francisco were forced to leave the city limits to seek programs that took into account a player's individualized and competitive needs. 

  Student-athletes living in San Francisco had to have their families bring them North to Marin, East to Oakland, Danville, and Pleasanton, or South to Redwood City, Los Altos, and San Jose to gain access to training environments that best suited their level of talent.

Most of the voids in the city limits of San Francisco were attributed to a significant lack of field space and overall affordability, as the pay-to-play model marginalizes those of lower income status or socioeconomic hardship. 

  Collectively, SF Elite wanted to end that, so we navigated finding solutions that successfully secured consistent, NCAA-level field quality but also aggressively advocated and fundraised for the benefit of players and their families so that no player would be denied an opportunity. 

As a club, SF Elite has battled the issue of affordability in the age of pay-to-play and today provides over $400K in community-backed financial aid for its players annually. We set out to make a difference. We set out to eliminate constraints. 

Together, we've given opportunity a chance in an environment where opportunity is overlooked. 

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