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Our Core Values & Beliefs

Many things separate San Francisco Elite SC from other clubs. We offer unrivaled experience with our coaching staff that has decades of college coaching experience. This experience allows us to have the best College Pathway in the Bay Area, if not in the entire State. Playing for SF Elite SC will open more doors than you ever would have imagined.


It also opens doors for underprivileged athletes. SF Elite SC offers more in financial aid than any club in Northern California, making sure that kids from San Francisco, who are San Francisco, can play for a hometown club that cares and can offer them exposure and opportunities. And with our boys in ECNL and our girls playing GA, we offer exposure like never before.


We offer access to practice fields that no other club in San Francisco can offer, giving players more time and space to hone their skills.


SF Elite SC is a collaborative, inclusive club with Core Values that matter. We are SF Elite SC. We are San Francisco.


Respect is first and foremost at SF Elite SC. This does not stop and start with respecting your teammates and your coach. This means respect for everyone and everything when you are wearing the badge. SF Elite SC players will respect their opponents, the referees, and equally as important they will have self-respect and respect for their community.

Excellence & Character

Excellence is not always achieved. But it should always be strived for. And always striving to be better is what we call character. Striving for excellence is an important tenet of the Club. We want our players to never settle, to always strive to be better in order to be the best version of themselves, on and off the pitch.


The beautiful game can teach a player so much, and one of the takeaways we want from our players is the ability to persevere. Life is not always going to be easy, just like the game of soccer is not always easy. But, as in life, when things are not going well you have to find the fortitude to excel. You have to get through the storm. SF Elite SC players will be dedicated to learning what it means to persevere through tough times.


At SF Elite SC, positivity is key. When a player arrives at training or a match with a can-do attitude, it can be infectious to everybody else. This positivity leads to better results on the pitch, but more importantly it leads to making better people out of good soccer players. Players at SF Elite SC should be able to approach one another with no inhibitions. Players who wear this badge should be quick to compliment their teammates, their coaches and others around them. They should encourage one another in a positive manner. At SF Elite SC, we want our players to be grateful for the opportunity to play this game.


SF Elite SC invests in the community by investing in the player. As mentioned, the club offers generous financial aid packages and has a developed and connected college pathway. SF Elite SC invests in the player and asks the players to, in turn, invest in the community. When a player has an opportunity, they should give back to the community, they should help people less fortunate than themselves. Wearing the badge comes with the responsibility of being an active member of your community.


SF Elite SC does not take its duty to the community lightly, and in order to make the greatest impact the club collaborates with the soccer community to make wise and informed decisions. Every voice matters at the club, and everyone should feel like they are included. SF Elite SC is a family.

Soccer is Fun

Remember, that in the end, this is an opportunity to do something that you love. Have fun doing it. Laugh, smile, joke around with your teammates. Play with a full heart, and play with joy, knowing that the players around you are also enjoying playing with you and that they will always have your back.

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