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SF Elite Beyond The Pitch: Tessa Morris | 2007

This article was originally written by PrepSoccer staff writer, Matt Smith. Matt Smith is a special news and communications correspondent with SF Elite Academy and will providing viewers with an inside look into SF Elite and what makes our club so special.

​Some people are fortunate enough to realize what they like doing at an early age. Tessa Morris is one of those people. She realized in second grade that she liked playing soccer after playing on a grade school team coached by her dad. She also realized she was good at it, scoring her first hat trick that season. While playing youth soccer for the San Francisco Vikings, she heard about a new 2007 team forming with San Francisco Elite and, along with many of her teammates, went and tried out. And the rest is history. Tessa has been with SF Elite since formation.

​Morris plays center back and believes it is her best position, and her coach agrees, though he says she can also play defensive midfield. "She's an excellent center back," 2007 girls coach Chance Daniel said. "She is a good tackler and a no-nonsense type of player. She's tough; she reads plays well to where you need to be perfect to get in behind her." Morris is a very well-liked player who embodies many SF Elite values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and understanding that team goals come before personal goals. And because of this, she was voted team captain. It doesn't mean she doesn't stand out individually, as she is getting better and better, and playing soccer in college is now something that is snapping into view.

"I think that Tessa is just now realizing that playing college soccer at the highest level, is something she's capable of. Tessa sees that it is something worth dedicating her time to and pursuing. She's the kind of kid that you want in your program." - Chance Daniel, 2007 HC

​Morris, who is very humble, knows that working hard and being a leader is important, and she hopes that is what others see when they watch her play. "Hopefully, they see that I am a solid player," Morris said. "That I play hard and am calculating and help the team via communication and holding down the defense. I hope they also see me as a leader and a great team captain." Morris, who lives in San Francisco, got to experience a thrill during her freshman season at George Washington High School. The girl's soccer team had never won a CIF Section title and were playing Lowell in the final, a group that had won 25 of the 27 titles on record. GWHS went on to bet Lowell 3-2 on penalty kicks to claim the crown, giving her the biggest thrill she's had in soccer to date. "It was amazing," Morris said "I personally had never experienced the losing year after year, so it wasn't as meaningful to me, but it was still awesome. Our team environment was fun, and we were all friends. It was cool to be a freshman starting and playing the whole game in almost every game. I'm happy they put their trust in me as their center back."

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