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PrepSoccer Exclusive: SF Elite Series | Midfielders

This article was originally published by PrepSoccer staff writer, Matt Smith, on the PrepSoccer website. Matt Smith is a special news and communications correspondent with SF Elite Academy and will providing viewers with an inside look into SF Elite and what makes our club so special.

After exploring the top forwards in the San Francisco Elite series, we now turn our attention to the middle of the pitch. SF Elite is loaded with talented midfielders who make big impacts for their respective clubs, and these players, who all are either 2007's or 2008's, will get a lot of attention from college recruiters. Isaac Cuellar | Lincoln | ​Central Midfielder Cuellar, who plays for the SF Elite 2008 boys team, is a box-to-box midfielder. He likes to go forward and looks to have a ball played into him while on the attack, and he is quick, mobile and not afraid to go at defenders. When the ball is going the other way, he works hard to track back and defend. He plays his high school soccer at Lincoln High.

Matteo Delmonte | Lowell | Defensive Midfielder Delmonte plays on the 2007 SF Elite team and is the quintessential captain. He is mature, a solid player and a leader on and off the pitch. He reads the game well, he distributes well and he is aggressive, technical and intelligent. He has a high soccer IQ and is very dynamic on the pitch. It’s not easy to find a player with his vision, and in addition he is a very good leader. He plays high school for Lowell. Masayuki Fujita | Redwood | Attacking Midfield Fujita is on the same SF Elite 2007 team as Delmonte, and is a passionate player. He wants to play after high school and is targeted for that. He is a very versatile, technical and intelligent player. He projects very well and will be quite a find for any program. He can change pace quickly during the match and that really helps him stand out. He also has a tremendous shot on goal. Fujita plays high school at Redwood High in Larkspur. Kevin Gonzalez | Balboa | Attacking Midfielder Gonzalez, who plays at Balboa High, plays for the 2008 SF Elite team. He is a very aggressive player who thrives when he is on the attack. He is a very fast player, a very tough and strong player who demonstrates a lot of technical ability. Noah Lancerin | Midfielder Lancerin does not attend high school yet, because he’s a 2009 player that is playing up on the SF Elite 2008 team. He is listed as a midfielder because he is very versatile, but in particular plays the No. 8 and the No. 10 exceptionally well. He is a tall, fast, technical and tenacious player. He is really a standout player. Andy Moats | Lick-Wilmerding | Central Midfielder Moats, who plays at Lick-Wilmerding, plays for the 2007 SF Elite team. He is a player who reads the game very well, and is very unique in that he has the ability to open up the game because of his excellent, precision passing, his decision-making and because he has a terrific shot. Braxton Nemes | Archbishop Riordan | Midfielder Another 2008 SF Elite player, Nemes plays at Archbishop Riordan for high school. He joined on at Elite three years ago and has seen steady improvement. He works really hard, he is technical and he is efficient. On top of that, he is a great teammate. A very versatile player, he can play centrally or as a defensive mid.

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